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Our technical support and account leaders will collaborate with you to maximize performance. We will walk barns to address immediate production concerns and strategize with you and your team for long term success. We bring extensive hands-on production experience as well as a deep understanding of various production systems. Access to our 71,000 commercial sow business provides firsthand experience of our genetic program that can be passed on to you. Our team is built to focus on what matters to you.

DNA technical & account support consisting of:

National Account Leader Support

Our account leaders' mission is to help our customers be successful for the long term, backed by years of experience and the resources needed to get you an answer. Our team is well versed in on-farm issues as well as daily management/economic decisions that happen and can provide guidance and direction in the face of those challenges.

On-farm Support

Our team can walk your farm with you and provide a written evaluation. Our team can also provide farm-specific training in multiple areas of production to get your team running at its best with DNA Genetics. Some examples include PCAI, sow management and gilt development.

Commercial Production Access

Our support extends into our 71,000-sow commercial business. This gives customers access to what we have learned in our commercial system and can include barn visits, conversations with our commercial team and benchmarking data. We do not pretend to have all the answers, but we will show you what works on our farms using the DNA Genetics full program pig.

Nutrition Consultation

Wondering how to best feed DNA pigs? DNA Genetics works with leading research institutions and nutrition partners to discover the basic requirements of maternal and commercial offspring. Our team works with you and your nutritionists to review and implement optimal feeding programs.

Research collaboration

Our geneticists and statisticians are ready to engage with you in designing trials to evaluate various performance factors that bring value to your system.

Genetic Services

Our goal is for you to realize the maximum genetic potential of the DNA pig. We assist producers by answering their genetic questions, increasing herd index, and reducing genetic lag through on-farm visits and providing monthly benchmarking reports.

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