Looking at boar lines? Start at the front.

The DNA Genetics Line 600 Duroc is the most widely used terminal boar line in North America, surpassing all of the competition's mix-and-match lines. Customers know the difference: Rigorous, continuous genetic improvement that helps them move to the head of the line. And they're not moving back.


  • The world's largest Duroc nucleus herd
  • Industry-leading average daily carcass gain
  • More full-value pigs and pounds of lean carcass marketed per pig placed
  • Exceptional feed efficiency, growth rate and uniformity through to finishing
  • Accepted at all major packers in North America
  • Exceptional meat quality and carcass characteristics: color, pH, IMF
  • Durability from birth to market resulting in more full value pigs, lower mortality, and fewer culls and substandard pigs

Exclusive access through:

  • Semen delivery coordinated personally from gene transfer centers stocked with boars directly from our nucleus farms
  • Live boar purchases available through the DNA Genetics nucleus herd – not boar multipliers
  • Elite boar option

Contact your DNA Genetics representative to learn what a difference the Line 600 Duroc can make in your operation. To find your local representative, click here.