AccuGain gives you an edge in the market

Our AccuGain Genetics Program is designed to accelerate trait availability into your herd. Here is how we achieve our industry‑leading program.

Wholly-owned DNA Genetics Gene Transfer Centers

Gene Transfer Centers Stocked From Our Nucleus Farms

Our Gene Transfer Centers are stocked with boars directly from our nucleus farms, which minimizes genetic lag. Rapid turnover of boars and application of post-cervical artificial insemination (PCAI) technology delivers higher-level genetics to you more quickly. PCAI is an insemination technique that can maximize genetic gains and save time and labor. This video outlines the PCAI process step-by-step and points out several important benefits.

  • Culture of Discipline

    Culture of Discipline

    World-class facilities that are company owned and managed are staffed with dedicated team members who are committed to nothing but genetic improvement and biosecurity.

  • Robust North American Nucleus

    Robust North American Nucleus

    Large nucleus herd size of each line is critical to measuring improvement and reducing inbreeding. Some competitors focus on quantity of lines. We concentrate on producing, testing and improving each of our lines. Then, we pass the genetics on to you as quickly as possible.

  • Maximize Nucleus Turnover Rate

    Maximize Nucleus Turnover Rate

    The fastest way to make genetic progress is to accurately identify the best animals and move them into the herd quickly. DNA Genetics is committed to having the lowest generation interval in the industry, which means faster genetic progress.

  • Commitment to Performance Testing

    Commitment to Performance Testing

    To ensure a high level of accuracy and predictability in our selection process, we performance test more than 40,000 pigs annually and more animals per line than other genetic companies.

  • Exclusive, Industry-leading Helix™ Genetics Database

    Exclusive, Industry-leading Helix™ Genetics Database

    Our database enables nucleus, customer and multiplier data to be combined, analyzed and incorporated with genomic information to enhance total genetic progress.